Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review Part 2

As promised, here is part two of my review featuring four more colours of Liquid Lips that I purchased myself. I will be featuring Pink in Dolly, Beige in Chic, Pink in Monster, and Purple in Friday! This post will be a little bit more thorough than the previous ones, as I’m trying to improve the quality of my reviews (*´・v・)

Last time I reviewed an orange and neon pink – this time we have a pale pink, a beige, a dark pink, and a purple!

The packaging is the same for all of the lipsticks in this line, as the colour showing on the tube is actually the colour of the liquid lipstick itself showing through the transparent packaging. Like the previous colours, the tubes match the boxes very accurately (as seen in the header photo of this post).

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that these lip colours are scented! I’m not sure if they have different scents between them, as I find it hard to tell, but they smell like candy! It’s such a pleasant, sweet smell and not sickeningly sweet like scented lipsticks tend to be.

You have to pull quite hard to get the applicator out of the bottle, which I imagine is so that the tip isn’t drenched in product? While this is good, it makes me worry I’m going to pull the tip off every time I take it out (^^ゞ

No flash

As you can see the colours are quite pigmented, with minimal streaking if at all! I found the most difficult to apply was Pink in Dolly but I’ll talk more about that with the lip swatches…

I tried wiping off the swatches with just a dry tissue (no makeup remover), and as you can see they stain (my arm, and your lips) quite strongly.

Pink in Dolly

Full lip

My first ever light lipstick! Pink in Dolly is a pale, baby pink that is a slightly paler version of my own lip colour. This was definitely the streakiest of the four colours, but it just takes some working with and it’s goes on fine.

Pink in Dolly gradient lips with Pink in Monster!

This is my favourite way to wear it so far, as I haven’t figured out how to pull it off as a full lip! By applying Pink in Dolly first, and then any darker colour in the middle, you can get a pretty gradient lip effect!

Beige in Chic

Full lip

My favourite way to wear this colour is as a full lip. Despite the name, I wouldn’t call it beige per se, as it leans a lot more towards a pink than a beige. However, it’s a gorgeous shade that goes with EVERY kind of makeup! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when wearing this shade 🙂

Gradient lips!

As you can see, Beige in Chic isn’t the best for gradient lips :p but I must say it looks very natural this way, enhancing my natural lip colour!

Pink in Dolly gradient – Beige in Chic full lip

How I look in them! The eyes were done with Etude House’s Rose Garden palette which I reviewed in a previous post. Gradient lips are still a huge trend in Korea but full lips are starting to catch on, which I’m excited about!

Pink in Monster

Full lip

I LOVE THIS COLOUR. I’d say this is probably my favourite out of the 6 I own. Beige in Chic is definitely the one I use the most day to day, but Pink in Monster is gorgeous! An extremely pigmented dark pink, leaning slightly more cool toned and not at all orangey as I find a lot of dark pinks in Korea tend to be.

Gradient lips

The classic gradient lip tone! Definitely works out well for this purpose, but I recommend if you try it this way you should put very little and spread it out with your finger as this colour is PIGMENTED!

Purple in Monster

Full lip

If you didn’t believe that this colour wouldn’t be purple, here’s the proof! It was hard to get an accurate picture of this when I was taking photos because the camera kept wanting to make it too cool, when it is actually quite a warm, pinky-toned purple. It’s very unique! It feathers slightly to a pink around the edges of your mouth, but that can be fixed with a lip liner or foundation.

Gradient lips

I’m not sure how many people will be using this colour as a gradient, as I feel it works much better as a full lip. It is quite a strong purple colour, definitely the first I’ve seen in Korea! Purple colours here tend to lean more on the pink side, but this is definitely purple!

Pink in Monster – Purple in Friday

It was so hard to get an accurate tone in the purple photo, but I tried! I’m not sure how I feel about that choice of makeup with Purple in Friday – it’s definitely something I’ll have to experiment with! It would look great with simple brown tones (brown and purple together are amazing) or a classic catliner.

Final verdict: Impressed, clearly! I’m so satisfied with this line of lippies, Etude House really outdid themselves this time! Great pigmentation, relatively long lasting (unless you are drinking or eating – then they will get on everything), great price, great packaging, overall very satisfied. Also, a good tip is that you can lightly pat the colours onto your lips for a more matte look if you aren’t a fan of glossy lips!

Which colour do you like best? I personally can’t decide but I’m loving Pink in Monster ❤

03/17: Etude House no longer sells these on their website, but they can be found on various international shipping sites, like here*.

Next post will be about this AMAZING pudding place I recently discovered in Ewha University area, stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review Part 2

  1. Entré por tu link en Etude y veo que viviste en Chile! :O, que lindo que estés viviendo en Corea ^^

    Esta colección me encanta, apenas tengo uno solo de estos labiales, el Purple in Friday y pese a ser un color tan llamativo, me gusta mucho. Te queda muy lindo el Pink in Monster.

    Saludos desde Chile!


    1. Hehe gracias!! ❤ A mi me encantó igual! Solo tengo un par de labiales de Etude House porque antes me parecia que se borraban medio facil pero estos son lo mejor *-* Cada vez que me da confianza para salir con Purple in Friday me llegan hartos comentarios lindos jeje, me encanta el color!! Gracias por tu comentario 😀


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