Seoul Comic World

Good afternoon! Two weekends ago I decided to do something a little different and ventured south of Seoul to Yangjae and attended the monthly Seoul Comic World anime convention! I had heard about it from a fellow classmate, and finally went to the one held in March. (Picture heavy!!)

Outside the venue

Seoul Comic World has been held in several different locations, but last month was held in Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station aTCenter (what a mouthful). It’s held monthly in Seoul and Busan for two days, with one day being a day to explore booths with fanart and other merchandise made by those running the booths, and the other day for cosplay competitions! More information can be found on their website in Korean here, or on their wikipedia page in English here!

Entrance ticket!

My friend arrived before me but apparently she waited for 40 mins in line before getting our tickets (>人<) so even if you go early there is quite a wait…

Entrance stamp!

Once going in they rip off part of your ticket and stamp your hand so you can go out and in as you please. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I can’t show anything of the venue itself, but to put it short – it was CROWDED! I browsed the booth and made a few purchases with my friend over the next hour; there was so much to see and so many talented artists! Things are sold out quite quickly so I recommend going early.



My favourite of the things I purchased were these double sided Sailor Moon holo cards! So pretty (ノД`) I also picked up a similar Pokemon card, as well as a glasses cleaner and cosplay Pikachu card case:


My final purchase was this Tokyo Ghoul mousepad since until now I had been using my cutting board…

I brought around 40,000won for entrance and merch, and ended up using all of it on the above, plus a few gifts for friends (-‸ლ). But everything is so nicely done it’s definitely worth it, and the prices are great! There is as lot of classic manga fanart, as well as new stuff that I didn’t recognize. They also had lots of OC and doujinshi, as well as non-anime merchandise for things like Adventure Time and other cute fanart of different characters (ie. Rilakkuma, Sanrio…). There’s definitely something for everyone!


(click the pictures to see full size)

Adventure Time

There was so much cosplay, but I was a little shy to take pictures so only got a few…If you go to the park behind the event center, you can see people getting professional pictures taken as well as just parading their costumes around. They’re very willing to have their pictures taken so if you’re not as shy as I am, go for it!

Some Naruto cosplay:


I was surprised to see so many Naruto cosplay! Still insanely popular ever since I was in middle school!

Deidara & Sasori
Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time

There were even non-Korean cosplayers! The event and cosplay registration is for everyone, so even if you’re not Korean you can feel free to participate in the cosplay events as long as you register 🙂

Rei, Shinji, & Asuka from Evangelion
Tsukiyama, Kaneki, & Touka from Tokyo Ghoul
Trafalgar Law & Bartolomeo from One Piece
Not sure what anime this is from…

There were a lot of people that participated in group cosplays, acting out scenes from their respective anime, which was really fun to see!

Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura

And finally my favourite cosplay, this girl! She was so cute – it was like seeing Sakura come to life!

Everyone started clearing out around 4 ~ 5pm, as it was starting to get dark and the lighting became poor to take pictures. So in conclusion, my advice is to arrive early, browse the booths, then spend the rest of the day outside looking at cosplay and taking pictures! It was definitely a great time and I can see myself going to this kind of event in the future!

Exam week is coming up soon for those of us in Korea, but hope everyone had a good Easter break, if you had one! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛


10 thoughts on “Seoul Comic World

  1. This blog is so cool! I went to Seoul over the summer and fell in love with Korea – but I didn’t know they had a comic world! Just followed your blog. Hope we can support each other as fairly new bloggers! ❤ ❤


  2. Oh my gosh, I am so glad I stumbled upon this on accident! I’m here with my husband until next October and this is so perfect for us to go to. So you don’t have to buy tickets in advance? We do not speak Korean at all so I wanted to check if that were possible. Cause I must go to this! 😀


    1. Hello! Glad to hear it helped 🙂 They don’t sell out of tickets, so you are able to just buy them at the counter whenever! I suggest going earlier if you want to get any fanmade merch as that does sell out relatively quickly, but you are able to view cosplays outside in the park all day for free – no need to purchase tickets 🙂 They make an event page on Facebook each month in English with information, if that would help!


      1. That’s awesome they don’t sell out of tickets! The event page would be helpful especially since I have no clue how to get there and need directions or a subway stop. I can’t find the page though. 😦


      2. I looked for you but couldn’t find it either, sorry 😦 It’s held at Yangjae Citizen Forest Station (양재시민의숲), and you’ll know where to go by following the massive crowds of people :p


  3. Thanks so much for the article! I was super excited to hear that there was a con in Seoul (especially one that runs so often), so I think I’ll definitely give it a visit ((:


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