Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review – Made in Sweet & Always in Pink

Happy Sunday! Today I will be showing you part 1 of a 2 part review of Etude House’s new Color in Liquid Lips products! Part 1 is sponsored by Etude House as part of the Beautizen program, and part 2 is sponsored by my ever shrinking wallet…yay ㅠ▽ㅠ

Etude’s Liquid Lips line comes in 20 different unique shades. Being so many, there is a risk that they will be too similar to each other, but I find there is enough difference in each shade to warrant buying several!

The shades can be divided into 5 different categories – Orange, beige, pink, red, and purple. I personally picked up Pink in Dolly, Pink in Monster, Beige in Chic, and Purple in Friday! The review of those will be up on a later date in part 2 🙂 Today I will be swatching Made in Sweet and Always in Pink, a soft orange and neon pink!

The box fits perfectly with the rest of Etude’s products, cute and bright! The box matches the colour of the product inside and has a pattern of lips, hearts, and tear drop shapes. They are quite compact and sturdy so I’ve been keeping the lip colours inside the boxes in my makeup drawer.

The thing that caught my eye the most with these products was that I originally thought they were lipsticks when Etude House previewed them, but it turns out they are actually liquid lipsticks! The packaging is quite creative and features the same lips pattern as the boxes.

As I mentioned before, the lipstick part is not an actual lipstick but instead the container that holds the liquid product.

The applicator is a shaped somewhat like a bubble wand or a tear-drop. It has a thinner tip which makes it easier to apply the colour delicately along the lip line when applying on your full lip. I’ve never seen an applicator like this, and find myself preferring it to the common deer foot applicator because of the smaller tip.

No flash / flash

I swatched them on my arm, both with flash and no flash. As you can see, Made in Sweet (left) is a warm toned peachy orange, and Always in Pink is more of a cool toned neon pink. The colours are very pigmented!

Gradient lips

Lip swatches are a lot harder to do than eye ones ( ̄д ̄;) Hopefully these aren’t too terrible…First I tried Made in Sweet with the ever popular gradient lip effect! It looks quite natural and pretty. I think it matches well with the current trend of pink/red eye makeup…

Full lip

The colour works quite well as a full lip colour as well! The Liquid Lips collection is surprisingly not sticky when applied this way, and lasts for a decent amount of time even if you drink a few things along the way. I would be careful with smudging if your hair gets caught in it, it might transfer onto your face ˃ʍ˂ (I say this from personal experience)

Ombre lip

I’ve seen a bit of a trend in the West of ombre lips, so decided to see if it worked with the Etude products! Turns out, it does! I used my NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk to achieve this effect by patting a little of the product in the middle of my lips after applying the Liquid Lips.

Gradient lips

Always in Pink is very pigmented, so if you’re going to try gradient lips I recommend applying VERY little, and if it’s not enough, layer it from there. I’ve had to do a full lip several times because I applied too much product when attempting gradient lipsㅠㅠ

Full lip

As I mentioned before, this colour is crazy bright! Bright, pop colours are popular in Korea now so it’s definitely a good match.

Ombre lip

This colour worked better with the ombre lip than the previous, as the cool tone matched my NYX pencil better. I find that this colour also suits my skin tone better than Made in Sweet (I’m a pink-toned pale), which I found to be better suited to olive tones.

Final verdict: I’m a huge fan of this new collection! As I said, I went out and bought 4 more myself once I saw how pigmented and bright they are. I’ve been using Always in Pink almost daily lately, as I find as a gradient lip it goes well with most looks I do, while also looking great with plain winged liner as a full lip! These products are also not drying, which is great for me because I have really terrible dry lips that stand out even worse with certain products. If you have dry lips, as long as you apply a lip balm before applying these, your lips will look fine!

And that’s it! I hope this wasn’t too terrible for a first-time lip post. I will be posting a few different things soon (I have so much content to post!!), as well as part 2 of this review with the other 4 colours, so please look forward to it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This review was sponsored by Etude House as part of the Beautizen program

9 thoughts on “Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review – Made in Sweet & Always in Pink

  1. No surprise if I say I like the gradient look, especially for Made in Sweet right? You got me at “olive tones” too… Can’t wait to see the lip looks for the other colours :’D


  2. So pretty! Hehe and nice lip swatches. Maybe you could try relaxing your lips when you take a photo? 😛 They don’t have to be pursed, just in normal lip position~


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