Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Palette – Rose Garden Review

Hello everyone! It’s been a while…

This week I have a makeup review and some life updates!

As some may know, last month I applied and was interviewed for Etude House’s 15th Beautizen activities as a member of their Global team. Etude Beautizen’s job is to promote Etude House and do various activities in order to create a healthy image for the brand together with the other Beautizens. Long story short, I got accepted along with 4 other international girls!

At the inauguration ceremony I received a lot of items that I have been asked to promote as part of my job as a Beautizen. Today I will be reviewing the item I was the most excited to receive – the new Fantastic Color Eyes palette in Rose Garden!

From Etude House’s website

As you can see, there are two palettes that came out recently – Cherry Blossom, and Rose Garden. I had my eye on Rose Garden before applying to be a Beautizen, so I’m glad that is the one I received! Although the more I look at Cherry Blossom the more I want it…

The box!

What appealed to me the most at first was the box! I love floral print and I found the colours to be so pretty and perfect for spring. As you can read on the back, the palette contains 6 shadows for a price of 14,000won, which is a great price when you consider the Etude House singles are generally 3,500, and thus for 6 you would be paying over 20,000won!

The palette itself

I had been hoping the palette itself followed the same colour scheme as the box (perhaps in a matte case – I’m a sucker for matte packaging!) but the palette is much lighter and more appropriate for the upcoming spring.

The palette comes in 6 different shades that can somewhat be divided into two parts down the middle – the browns and the pinks (although Juliette goes perfectly fine with any of the pink shadows). So, depending on your mood you can make a look using either side, or be like me and use them all together!

Juliette, Honey Bouquet, Antique Touch

Juliette is a glitter powder pink that goes great as an inner corner highlight or as a light base to start off your whole look. Honey Bouquet is a glitter brown with light pigmentation that can be patted all over your eyelid after completing your look to give it a glitter finish. Antique Touch is a nice shimmer brown that I tend to use in the crease or on my lower lid as a defining colour.

Handtied, Vintage Rose, My Girl

Handtied is a shimmery reddish pink, the strongest colour out of the palette. Vintage Rose is a shimmery pink with gold undertones, definitely the most unique out of the 6. My Girl is the only matte shadow in the palette, and the most strongly pigmented. Handtied and My Girl are fighting for first place as my favourite, I can’t choose!

No flash

Looking at the swatches you can see what I meant between glitter and shimmer! The difference is strong in the swatches, with the two on the left being glitter shadows, and the next 3 being shimmery. These were swatched over EH’s Proof 10 primer!

☆ My Look! ☆

I used everything except Vintage Rose in this look! I used Honey Bouquet as I suggested earlier – patted it all over the eye for some extra glitter (glitter gives me life). I tend to use the shadows in a gradient, starting with Juliette in the inner corner for the highlight, patting My Girl in the middle and near the end, and then using Handtied in the outer corner for a stronger burst of colour. I used Antique Touch in the crease and on my lower lid to tie it all together and add some definition.

My first DSLR selca!!

Here is my whole face (//∇//)…

Final verdict: Very happy with this palette! The small size makes it great for keeping in your bag to do your makeup on the run, which is also made easier with the mirror and applicator that comes with it (although I tend to use my fingers either way). The shadows show none to very minimal creasing as the day goes on, and the pigmentation is satisfactory. The shadows are complementary on many different skin tones so I definitely recommend it for the upcoming spring season!

This review was sponsored by Etude House as part of the Beautizen program

7 thoughts on “Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Palette – Rose Garden Review

  1. Thanks for sharing! The colours look pretty 🙂 Unfortunately my last experience with EH palettes was pretty negative – chalky, crumbly and bad pigmentation. May I ask, how do these perform without primer?


    1. Thank you for viewing ^^ I was hesitant as well, as those were the reasons I passed on their Halloween palettes even though I loved the colours…but they seem to have improved their formula because I find that these go on equally as well without primer! (eg. the eye makeup is done without primer because I did the makeup during class and forgot to pack the primer with me…)

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