Etude House Haul + Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches

Being my favourite Korean makeup brand, Etude House having another one of its seemingly bimonthly sale was naturally something I couldn’t resist. I’ve gotten into the current “grunge” trend, so burgundy and dark browns have been a staple of my looks lately, but some of the shadows I swatched were too pretty to leave behind so I picked up a few extras…

Total haul including two products I won’t be talking about in this review

I had heard great things about the Stay Up Foundation and after MUCH swatching finally went with the “Pure” shade over “Sand”, which I found to be slightly yellowing on my skin tone. I also picked up the Play 101 Pencil in #7 as I had been looking for a light shade for my waterline for a while.

Clockwise from the top left – Fever Orange, Jungle Red, Orange Pink Ring, Cafe Mocha

I picked up two from the regular collection, one from the Jewel and one from the Cafe collections. Shadows from the Jewel collection I’ve found to be mostly shimmery without much pigmentation, and the Cafe shadows are matte as far as I remember.

OR205 – Fever Orange (피버 오렌지)

The first shadow is “Fever Orange”, a bright coral orange with gold flecks. In the photo it doesn’t look particularly corally, but I find that if you have a light hand it shows pink undertones. If built up the orange turns a more pumpkin shade, which is aided by the gold flecks which show strongly when reflecting light! I’ve found myself using this shade mostly on its own even though I usually blend many shadows together when doing my looks, it’s just that nice!

RD301 – Jungle Red (정글 레드)

The next shade is “Jungle Red” which caught my eye instantly as I was glancing over the shadow rack. It’s a great deep red colour with subtle gold flecks that make it glow pinkish in the light. I mix this quite often with my brown shadows when I want to add a bit of colour in an otherwise neutral look.

OR202 – Orange Pink Ring (오렌지 핑크 링)

The title of this shadow is misleading because I find that there are barely any orange tones present when using this shadow. Despite the pink pigment not being as strong as it shows in the pot, this shadow is more suited for the shimmer and subtle pink tones it aids to a look. It’s pretty enough to use on its own and goes great on top of other shadows to add some gold, warm shimmer!

BR402 – Cafe Mocha (까페 모카)

The last one just has a single picture because being a matte shadow it looks exactly the same in all angles! I picked this up because despite owning many neutral browns already, this one seemed to be quite dark and I am a HUGE sucker for matte shadows! The colour payoff is not as great nor as dark as I had hoped, but as it is with all 4 of these shadows, layering the shadow several time really brings out the true colour.

With flash – Without flash (using Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer)
Regular packaging vs Jewel packaging

☆ My Look! ☆

Using Jungle Red, Orange Pink Ring, and Mocha!
A close-up…

Products used: Etude Shadows in Jungle Red, Orange Pink Ring, Mocha, and Honey Milk / Lash Perm Mascara / Surprise Essence Concealer / Tear Drop Liner in Sunlight Tear / Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in Black / Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner

(Yes, I have a little Etude House obsession…my daily routine currently consists of 12 of their products;;)

Final verdict: Overall I was satisfied with this shadows, and they’ve been incorporated in my looks almost daily for the past 2 weeks! I recommend building these shadows if you want to get the full payoff, as well as using primer like I did in the swatches for stronger and longer lasting tones!


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